The Future of Birthdays

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Uncategorized
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When did the celebration of birthdays begin? In what culture did the celebration of birthdays begin?

Today is my father’s birthday, and today he is now a senior citizen. He has never been one to celebrate a birthday. From what I hear, when he joined the Navy when he was 19, he never received too many gifts except from his mother. Not receiving gifts isn’t what disheartened him about birthdays, to him it’s another day. I think I’ve grown up to enjoy that sense of non-receiving as well, as I don’t want much for my birthday other than the usual pat on the back or whatever. Let’s make it an occasion to get together, that’s all.

One of the purposes of this blog is to think about where humanity will be in the 22nd century. Why look so far ahead in the future, instead of looking at the issues that will hit us within the next 9 decades? Well, for one, I don’t think there is much I can do to change the fact that we have global warming, deepening hatred between religions and cultures, and Mother Nature just not giving a f***.

I think humanity will prevail. Perhaps we may have many setbacks in these coming decades, but I think in the 22nd century we will finally see a Utopia-like environment for humanity. But what about birthdays?

In Ray Kurzweil’s “The Singularity” he discusses the fact that humans will be able to basically transplant themselves from one physical body to another. The body acts as an encasing of the mind, essentially allowing the individual to live forever.

Birthdays in the 22 Century: The birthday party supplies business will thrive. Cakes will still be made (who knows out of what, though), and abundant prodigy children will no longer receive hand rattles for their first birthdays, but instead books that they can read before they can talk. Damn technology…just keeps making everything easier for us! And already grown folks will, like I said, essentially live forever. SO maybe the birthday business will actually die, because birth no longer has meaning in the 22nd century, as humans are cultivated as soon as they are conceived to live without fear of death.


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