Who are Transhumanists?

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Who are transhumanists and who are the stakeholders?

Transhumanists are people who want to transcend the current human experience. Humanists move at their own leisurely pace, while transhumanists advocate for the merger of man and machine in order to live remarkably longer than what our human biology allows us to. Transhumanists are people who love technology and what it means for our human existence. Not only are transhumanists keen on being healthy physically, but allowing technology to increase our intelligence. Also, removing the length it takes for humans to evolve. Transhumanists believe in prolonging our existence by moving to new worlds and discovering new, Earth-like planets. transhumanists are environmentally friendly, as technology that we believe in will one day be able to reverse the carbon emission effects that humans have disgraced the world with. We believe in the fact that little nano bots will be able to eliminate cancerous cells without one symptom of a side effect. Genetic manipulation is a must for transhumanists, as currently all humans have limits. Transhumanists believe in limitless human conditions, both physically and intelligently. Transhumanists are educated about current technology and its relation to biology, and work towards a goal that has bigger implications than saving for retirement.

Stakeholders include companies such as Google, Facebook, and Apple, which are currently some of those popular and well-regarded companies in the world. They are deep into technology and are increasingly coming out with gadgets that are becoming closer and closely integrated with our human bodies. Although wearable technology is not necessarily transhumanist, this is one step closer to that end.

Ray Kurzweil is a promoter of transhumanism and believes that one day technology will exceed human biology, and thus, in order to survive, humans will have to integrate themselves with the technology around them in order to move forth in the world.

It is interesting to note that perhaps some of us alive today won’t be able to make it to the point where we will have the option to live forever. However, it will one day be possible to do so, assuming humanity doesn’t destroy itself or be destroyed by an asteroid or something.

  1. iansfuture says:

    I agree on the importance of elevating humanity. I suppose eternal life is a possibility, though I’m not sure it will happen soon, or be available for many people, or will come in a friendly, Utopian form, rather than a frightening, dehumanizing one. Let’s start with a math co-processor and Wi-Fi telepathy, and work our way up from there.



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