I am firstly a devoted philosopher and owner of a chihuahua-dachsund mix, also known as a chi-weenie. Together we rule the world of ours, however small it may be.

My profession is in eCommerce as a CSE Specialist for Zoro, an entity of W.W. Grainger that provides industrial, janitorial, and safety supplies to consumers and small businesses through our website. It was a long journey before Zoro, having first been an intern at Infusion e-Business, during my senior year at Aurora University, learning eCommerce in general; search engine optimization, paid search (AdWords, CSEs), and social media were all touched upon. After working for IEB after college from May 2012 to January 2014 I decided to continue my journey as a CSE Manager for Windy City Novelties, an online party supplies retailer, until the end of July 2014. I hold a Bachelors degree in Business & Commerce and Marketing. Currently pursuing a Masters degree in Digital Marketing & Analytics.

I love education, but more specifically learning, which does not always mean you need a formal education. Just read, people. Teach yourself. Although recently I have moved over to reading non-fiction I love to read thriller novels. There is not much greater than reading a good thriller novel and immersing yourself within the story line and pretending to be the spy. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m the bad guy! *wink*

I have always been a big “thinker” and day dreamer with the future being foremost on my mind. Scenarios of what could happen to our world and species have made it through my mind, which has drawn its own conclusions as to why, how, and when any number of those scenarios could happen. I take a massive transhumanist approach to my thought process and future goals. And I don’t mean short-term or even near-long-term goals. I truly think about what my personal life can be like 40 years or 50 years from now. Retirement may be the most ideal goal, for most people, to reach for, but transhumanists like myself truly believe the human species may live indefinitely beginning in the next 30 years. So what would retirement be if you were immortal? If you were to live forever would you still need to work?

What is healthcare when technology will be so advanced that cancer will be cured by simply injecting programmed nanobots to race through your body zapping all cancerous cells? What is death if you can upload your mind into the cloud, and replace it into an exact replica of your physical appearance, especially if your current body was destroyed in an accident?

Transhumanists truly believe that technology will advance to the point where we will prevent diseases from happening. Technology will identify and correct any type of genetic disease simply by using the means of gene therapy, which has already been proven to prevent Lou Gherig’s disease in mice.

Ethics are at play when thinking of transhumanism. The controversy of some ideas associated with this cultural futurist movement make many believe there has to be some sort of control when allowing robots so much freedom. That might be right, just like there is a need to be able to allow technology to solve some of the world’s most unsolvable problems: overpopulation, climate change, world hunger. All of these can be solved through the use of the advanced technology we will be sure to witness in the next 30 years. That is, unless humans destroy themselves first.


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