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Do transhumanists and their companies market themselves? What do their email campaigns look like?

If we were to look at Apple as a company that is an advocate for transhumanist concepts, you would think that they take the integration of technology devices seriously in the way they want people to use their products.

We can see this in their email campaigns, where their imagery shows a person using their phone in conjunction with their Mac book. Not only does the campaign showcase the device integration, it also shows how that integration makes life easier for the user. The main benefits and features of each technology is listed in those campaigns, as well as links to those products to find more information and purchase. After clicking through to the website, the website is very futuristic and simple. Think about how uncluttered their website is. The main focus is the technology, what features it has, and how those features will make your life easier.

Since technology is the biggest aspect of the transhumanist movement, Apple is a front runner in the corporate transhumanism universe. They are typically the first to release technologies that the world has never seen before. They create devices that are becoming closer and closer to our bodies.

Google also employs this same type of strategy. I received an email regarding their release of the first editions of Google Glass, which were wearable glasses that could tell you about things you were looking at. You could watch videos and take pictures just by blinking. Their email campaigns were very straight to the point, and did not give you the price of the product. Since the brand is so huge and the technology was so different, not showing the price enticed the reader to click through to their website to not only see the price, but also watch a video on what you can actually do with the technology.

Apple and Google are both very good at getting people to their website.