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Another advocate of the transhumanism, futuristic utopia is none other than David Simpson, author of the Post-Human series.

The first is a story about a world that transhumanists could image: downloadable upgrades to improve muscle strength, intelligence, and eye sight, nanobots repairing any part of a damaged body, and “cellular clocks being reset to stay young”. The series itself is quite interesting and long, but what makes the first one so astonishing is the fact that it speaks to the reparations of having such great technology.

You have to ask yourself: If the world was like the one in Post-Human, is there another super intelligent species out there that would envy our evolution through technology? And thus, would it work to destroy us in order to feel safe. You could say that idea plays well into our current fears of terrorism, and wars in general where we strive to stay the best and be the best the world has even seen (on a geographical level).

The first book finds that humans are being murdered across the solar system and the main character along with companions find a way to fight back and learn what happened to our species.

There really is two sides to the story:

  1. Technology itself is man-made – in order for us to evolve as a species we must embrace technology so that we can supply the demand of fasterĀ everything
  2. Anything worthwhile for the human species to pursue is worth looking into the side effects

If being able to stay young forever, repair damaged bodies, and upgrade to superior ways of being human, what if that was made available to people likie Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, Osama Bin Laden, Napolean? These people who have frequently been thought of as the anti-christ could still be alive today and wreaking havoc on the world we know and love.

The more research I’ve done, the more it has been harder to justify the evolution of technology. As in all things, only if the good outweighs the evil of the world will anything ever be relevant and worthwhile pursuing. In the coming days I see a balance of evil getting closer to equaling the good, so perhaps this isn’t the time for humanity to experience such a privilege after all.