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Customer lifecycle analysis in Transhumanism? Won’t they live forever?

It’s interesting to think of how transhumanists become transhumanist. Of course, we weren’t born that way. So what happened?

Perhaps it all begins with being engaged by the concept of transhumanism. It comes with learning about technology while also having a love for technology. Transhumanists do not wish to cease to exist, whether it is through art or simply living forever. Maybe it is a pseudo-science approach, but transhumanists may understand the concept before they know it has a word or a movement to describe it. Transhumanists learn first, and then discover the movement. They read about transhumanism, who are experts in the concept, and what companies are employing those concepts to real life problems. Google hired Ray Kurzweil a few years ago in order to run their artificial intelligence department. R.K. is a man who explained the concept of the Singularity, which describes the point in time when technology will exceed human biology. This is one concept of transhumanism, but is an important one nonetheless.

After transhumanists learn about the concepts and discover real world examples of transhumanism, they take part in the integration of technology as it relates to making life easier. They are open to trying new health treatments. These are early initiators of technology. They are the first to use new phones, grab smart watches, advocates of virtual technology. Transhumanists also keep up to date with science fiction, because most science fiction is based on worlds we have not yet been able to attain. So far we have learn, discover, use, and then transhumanists are advocates of the movement. We try to spread the knowledge about what it means to be healthier and more intelligence human beings.

But perhaps the lifecycle never ends. Because transhumanists, if given the chance, will never cease to exist!